General information

Would you like to live in one of the most attractive islands of the Medditerannean Sea? Would you like to combine business, comfortable living and leisure? Well, Cyprus is considered to be the ideal place for you. A lot of tourists visit it every year to enjoy the excellent hot climate and the luxurious, comfortable stay of 5 star hotels with the amazing view of the sea.

The natural beauty, many attractions, hot climate and low prices are the reasons why Cyprus is so attractive especially for holidays or even for a permanent residence.

If you are interested in renting a property in Cyprus, you can do it in any city you want. It is more affordable and comfortable than a hotel room. However, if you are fond of quiet family vacations, then a beachfront villa or a luxurious apartment in with a swimming pool is ideal for you. For those who are nightlife lovers can choose a cozy place close to discos and bars.

Cyprus has a wide range of water sports to offer as well as golf courses especially for those who are involved in sports or even have an active life. A lot of cyclists, football players and athletes come to Cyprus for training, taking advantage of its mild climate even in Winter months.

The citizenship of the country provides visa-free entry to 158 countries, including all the countries belonging to European Union, Great Britain, Hong-Kong, Russia, Singapore, Japan and South Africa. Citizens of Cyprus can quickly get a visa in the USA for up to 10 years. The ability to travel without visas is an invaluable advantage for both business and family people. In addition to the rights of free movement for purposes of residence, work and education, the family benefits to use the national health, justice and social security system. Each year, the number of people who get the citizenship of Cyprus is getting bigger and bigger.

Despite being small, Cyprus is an island full of history. During the ancient times, Cyprus has been occupied by lots of invaders and in 1974 was invaded by Turkey and this resulted in dividing the island into two parts. The north part is inhabited by Turks who believe in Islam and the south part is inhabited by Greek-Orthodox. According to legislation, you do not have to be a Greek orthodox or Islamist to live in Cyprus as all religions are equally recognized.

In 2004, Cyprus became an official member of the European Union.

Why Choose Cyrpus

  • Most sunshine days a year
  • European Standard Education
  • 90% English Speaking Population
  • Lowest taxes in Europe
  • Rich cultural and historic traditions
  • Permanent residency and EU citizenship for property buyers
  • Expected economic boom due to the anticipated development of gas reserves and the construction of a casino.