The education system in Cyprus can be either optional or compulsory. Children must attend one year at a preschool before they enter elementary school at the age of six for another six years. After the elementary, they go to a secondary school for another three years and then they can go to lyceum or technical school. Students can attend local state schools or even private schools.

Cyprus provides great opportunities for those who wish to get high quality education according to the UK national school curriculum. There are English schools that offer a full cycle of primary and secondary education in every city of Cyprus but Limassol is the one who has a lot of English schools.

When students finish high school, they take exams and they get a General Certificate of Secondary Education. The last two years of high school help students being prepared for those exams and enter university. The results of those exams are the basis for enrolling in British Universities.

As for Russians, there are Russian schools in Cyprus as well. The education lasts for 11 years and is based on the Russian educational programs and students get a Russian diploma.

Universities in Cyprus follow the European model of education. However, students can get three diplomas. After the first two years, the students receive the “associative” diploma, the following two years they get a Bachelor’s degree and after six years of study, the graduates receive a master’s degree.

Universities offer lectures in English and Greek and are accredited in Europe and the USA, so students have the opportunity to participate in exchange programs and study at the best universities in the world.

The academic year in Cyprus is divided into three semesters: September to January, February to May and June to July. The last one is optional for students as they can choose whether to study in the summer or not. Students can choose the intensity of the subjects they study.

It should be mentioned that nowadays a lot of branches of the famous British Universities started to operate in Cyprus. For example, UcLan Cyprus University which is the branch of the University of Central Lancashire and also the University of the West of England.

There are seven universities in Cyprus. The three of them are state and the other four are private. The state universities are the Cyprus State University, Open University of Cyprus and Technological University of Cyprus. The private Universities are the University of Nicosia, University of "Frederick", European University Cyprus and University of "Neapolis".

University entrant-alien must arrive in Cyprus couple of weeks before the start of classes. Students must register in the right University and present a certificate of proficiency in English or take the English Placement Test (EPT) before registering for classes. Students can begin their studies either in September or February.

The tuition fees varies from €4000-€8.500 The University provides different scholarships and financial aid to full-time students, in the form of merit scholarships, need-based assistance, athletics scholarships, and on-campus work-study programs. The scholarships will be given according to the student’s performance at the University. Both the tuition and scholarships/discounts range from 10% to 50% each year.