Cypriot people are considered to be friendly and kind and they are well known for their hospitality. They make tourists and foreign people feel welcome on the island.

Most people here speak Greek. Cyprus was a British colony and that is the reason why the vast majority of the population speak English. All the street’s signs are written in English as well. Due to the increase of tourism and popularity, a lot of people know German, French, Russian and other European languages.

As for the food, a lot of people eat a lot with pleasure and restaurants offer large portions of food. If you visit a local tavern, then you should definitely order “Meze”. It includes either fish or meat appetizers and is served either hot or cold. The content of meze varies depending on the restaurant but there is a standard set of traditional ingredients such as olives, village salad, feta cheese with olive oil, tachini, taramosalata, hummus and tzatziki. A pitta or homemade bread is also served.

If you order a meat meze, you can taste smoked sausages, kupepia which are made with grape leaves stuffed with minced meat and rice, lundza, sheftalia, stifado, and kleftiko or souvla.

The fish meze includes squids, shrimps, oysters, mussels, crabs, and octopus as well as other dishes of different kinds of fish. The cost of meze for at least two people is about €16-22 per person.


Cheeses are considered to be the specialty of Cyprus. There are a lot of factories which produce cheese. One kind of cheese is the Feta cheese which is made of sheep milk and sometimes with goat milk. 
Halloumi is the most famous cheese patented in Cyprus. It is made from goat and sheep milk, sometimes from cow milk, with the addition of mint.

Anari is a mild and slightly sweet cheese. It is produced of milk whey and is also used for making a sweet filling for pies of puff pastry called “Pourekkia”


As for desserts, you can taste the local sweets which are considered to be an independent kind of treats. Another dessert is the famous loukoumi which is a fruit jelly sprinkled with powdered sugar. Loukoumades should not be missed as well. It is a traditional Greek dessert and you can taste them in different local festivals. They are served with honey syrup. Baklava is also one of the most delicious and well known desserts in Cyprus.

Cyprus wines

Cyprus wines are considered to be one of the most ancient ones in the world. They were first produced in 2000 BC. A well-known wine is the Commandaria which is a sweet dessert wine .It is one of the oldest wines in the world.

In Cyprus there are two areas with vineyards. The one is in Paphos and the other one is on the southern slopes of Troodos. They produce local wines and import as well. They approximately import 150 different kinds of grapes which are used to produce wines such as Muscat, Sherry, Malage, scented, white, rose and resd wines.